Roberto Bigano's Exibition 7816

About Roberto Bigano Photographer


My headquarter is in Verona, Italy, with branches in Naples and Campbell, California.

I mostly work in Europe and the United States with a diverse client base that requires wide-ranging commercial art and fine-art photography. I have some 35 books to my credit.

In the last few years, I focused on art repro. Relevant was the high-resolution reproduction of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper and the masterpieces of Giotto in Florence, including the two Crucifixes.
I also recently shot the complete work of the Georgian national painter, Niko Pirosmani.

Consulting and Know-How Transfer

I developed special skills on digital and high resolution photography and I teach digital photography at international workshops and conferences.
Then I created “Know-How Transfer, The Photography Knowledge Hub” gathering a team of talented professionals with the aim of developing software, tutorials and support, in the field of Photography and Digital Imaging.

Know-How Transfer specialized in developing Photoshop Professional Plugins built to make your work easier and more qualitative. All our software is the result of joint work between developers and photographers.


My very latest project.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Ikonographia tells stories through the power of images, graphics, and beyond, showcasing photos, professional stories, and much more. It worth a visit.
My works on Ikonographia
Ten years with Bburago diecast models
Bread-making as a form of art in Sardinia
Evolution of Style through Mannequins. Part 1: 1978-1980

Anna Longo about 7816, my latest exhibition

…this work makes Bigano an engineer involved with developing the technique for constructing images, but it also makes him a visionary able to model reality in order to give it a form as close as possible to the ideal one: a Bugatti car is transfigured into a sinuous line of light, a mannequin into a woman vibrating with feeling, armour into a mythical hero, and Canova’s plaster cast gallery into a single sensual sculpture. The power of transfiguration, the power of construction, the power of creativity united to technique but in the service of the ideal.

Anna Longo is Professor of Philosophy Aesthetics at Université Paris 1 – Panthéon Sorbonne, and is specialized on speculative philosophy. She wrote several books, including: “Breaking the spell: speculative realism under discussion”, “Time without becoming”, “il divenire della conoscenza”.

Roberto Bigano According to Hasselblad.

Roberto is a longstanding master of multi-shot technology and is frequently summoned when pinnacle image quality is of the essence.

According to Manfrotto.

Roberto is “a unique photographer. First and foremost he seems to escape any attempt to pigeonhole his style or specializations. Then there’s the fact that he doesn’t hesitate to swim against the current of many of his professional colleagues… he takes the type of photo that so many of his contemporaries shy away from, using and pushing the limits of the best technological resources available today.”

Not your standard photographer, but a photographer who sets the standard. Roberto invented this standard when he first started shooting for Manfrotto, back in the days before digital. That way of making our heads, tripods and special products look that little bit more dynamic, more appealing, is all his.

According to PC Photo Magazine.

To shoot a Fresco hidden by a wall? Or Cars on location in a Museum with a mobile set? Or the details of a Mosaic on the top of the Cathedral of Orvieto, 100 feet high? For these and many other challenges Roberto Bigano is able to find the right solutions.

“The Hindu”. Popular India newspaper

Currently on a five-city tour of India, Bigano is addressing students and photographers on the art of photography. His adroit shooting of assignment related masterpieces in medieval and renaissance churches positioned him as lensman extraordinaire. For path breaking techniques in photography and exceptional volume of work Bigano has been duly recognised.

How I became a photographer. Read my semi-serious biography

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Crossed development. A transparency mistakenly developed as a negative

1976-1992. A very serious, semi-serious biography

My semi-serious biography, ranging from 1976 to 1992, after two long days of interviews. It narrates my beginnings as a photographer, first as an amateur, then as a professional. It is primarily targeted to those young people about to embark on this challenging but beautiful profession.

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1976-1992. Biografia semiseria, anzi serissima.

Questa è la mia biografia semiseria, scritta nel 1992 da Alessandro Menegazzo dopo due giorni di estenuanti interviste.
Racconta dei miei esordi come fotoamatore prima e come professionista poi. E’ indirizzata soprattutto ai giovani che stanno per intraprendere questa difficile ma anche bellissima professione.

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1976-1992. Biographie semi-sérieuse, voire très sérieuse

Voici la biographie semi-sérieuse rédigée en 1992 par Alessandro Menegazzo à l’issue de deux journées d’interviews exténuantes. Elle raconte mes débuts de photo-amateur puis de photographe professionnel. Elle s’adresse surtout aux jeunes qui veulent entreprendre ce métier à la fois très beau et difficile.

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