How I became a photographer. Read my semi-serious biography

I recently republished my “semi-serious biography” narrating my beginnings as a photographer. Available in three languages. Enjoy.

1976-1992. A very serious, semi-serious biography

My semi-serious biography, ranging from 1976 to 1992, written after two long days of interviews. It narrates my beginnings as a photographer, first as an amateur, then as a professional. It is primarily targeted to those young people about to embark on this challenging but beautiful profession.

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1976-1992. Biografia semiseria, anzi serissima.

Questa è la mia biografia semiseria, scritta nel 1992 da Alessandro Menegazzo dopo due giorni di estenuanti interviste.
Racconta dei miei esordi come fotoamatore prima e come professionista poi. E’ indirizzata soprattutto ai giovani che stanno per intraprendere questa difficile ma anche bellissima professione.

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1976-1992. Biographie semi-sérieuse, voire très sérieuse

Voici la biographie semi-sérieuse rédigée en 1992 par Alessandro Menegazzo à l’issue de deux journées d’interviews exténuantes. Elle raconte mes débuts de photo-amateur puis de photographe professionnel. Elle s’adresse surtout aux jeunes qui veulent entreprendre ce métier à la fois très beau et difficile.

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Crossed development. A transparency mistakenly developed as a negative