Photographing art

That detail makes the difference

Shooting collections: we use innovative technologies

In shooting art collections, like paintings, sculptures, armors, antique cars, we use innovative techniques, usually reserved for big budget projects. For example, we can shoot objects with reflecting surfaces on site, reach extreme or virtually non accessible positions or execute panoramic shoots with very little distortion. In every situation we face the problematic we encounter choosing the most appropriate technique.

While working for FMR, we shoot the facade of the Orvieto Cathedral raised to 15 meters and the beautiful mosaics of the Timpano at 33 meters, with amazing resolution. Working for the City of Salerno, we were able to reproduce, with 240 shots, a fresco that was positioned 30 centimeters behind a second wall built in later years.

Our references

Thanks to our work, we were able to collect many important references from editors and agencies both prestigious and extremely demanding. Some of these are Franco Maria Ricci, the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana, the Royal Library and the Civic Museum of Palazzo Madama in Turin, the Louvre, the Kunsthistorische Museum in Wien, Le Musee National de L’automobile de Mulhouse, Il Museo Valenciano de Arte Moderno, the Basque Ministry of Culture, together with many agencies and galleries in Italy and abroad.