VitaminBW - Single and Triple Tone Black&White Converter | By Davide Barranca


Double USM HalosAn original approach to Black&White Conversion with a very clean and simple interface. This is nothing like a Jumbo 747 control panel with hundreds of option confusing the user, just a simple tool to get easily the best possible black & white conversions. Simply press the  "Single Shot" button. Or press the "Triple Tone" button to be quickly introduced to advanced conversion techniques.



Manfotto Sympla Moving Platform | The aesthetics of technology

Manfrotto Sympla moving PlatformIn the last couple of months I have been deeply involved in the Manfrotto Sympla project.
We created a new style with the goal of underlining the innovative technical solutions and aesthetics of this product.


Food Photography | Hanna & Elia. Catering at The State of the Art

hanna_elia_thumbBefore I met Raimund Frötscher, a very talented chef from the region of South Tyrol, Italy, I thought of catering as mass produced and average quality food. This assignment I totally changed my perspective.


Roberto Bigano | Plastic Girls 1978-2011

Plastic Girls Cover Plastic Girls

My book on mannequins, documenting over  30 years of evolution in fashion and style

110 Black & White and Color Photographs
Pages: 120
Text: English | Italiano

Blurb 2011


Channels Power Tool. Advanced Mask Editing for Photoshop | By Giuliana Abbiati

A small-great utility for your workflow in Photoshop. Easily get a preview of all available channels.

Create and load masks from the channels. Use available masks and the powerful Apply Image option to precisely recover the details of your file. Channels Tools will enhance your color control precision and productivity.#


Die unglaublichen, unvorhersehbaren Chemogramme der Wonderful Mistakes

Dies ist eine außergewöhnliche Geschichte. Die Geschichte eines schlampigen Assistenten, der eine Schachtel mit Diapositiven im Freien vergisst, wo sie jahrelang dem Wetter, der Hitze und auch den Insekten ausgesetzt sind. Die Dias verkleben miteinander, verändern sich, umschließen in der dreckigen Emulsion Teile von Insektenleibern und anderen unbekannten Objekten: Unglaubliche „Chemogramme“ verändern ihre Eigenschaften und kreieren tatsächlich neue "Originale" mit neuen Bedeutungen.


1976-1992. Biografia semiseria, anzi serissima.

Roberto Bigano Keine Übersetzungen vorhanden

Questa è la mia biografia semiseria, scritta nel 1992. Racconta dei miei esordi come fotoamatore prima e come professionista poi. E' indirizzata soprattutto ai giovani che stanno per intraprendere questa difficile ma anche bellissima professione. Per "sfondare" dovranno superare grandi ostacoli perchè questo settore è molto competitivo e molto ambito e mentre non si trova più nessuno che voglia fare il macellaio o il pasticciere, moltissimi invece scelgono la fotografia. Sappiano comunque che da certe esperienze, insuccessi, figuracce e patimenti, prima di loro siamo passati tutti noi.


L'enigma degli splendidi avori medievali da Amalfi a Salerno

Si tratta di una settantina di splendidi avori di scuola amalfitana del dodicesimo secolo, che rappresentano temi dell’antico e del nuovo testamento conservati al Museo Diocesano San Matteo di Salerno. Hanno una finezza di lavorazione straordinaria, un fascino unico, eppure sono stati fino ad ora quasi sconosciuti. Oggi una splendida mostra dal titolo suggestivo "L'enigma degli avori medievali" li ha fatti conoscere al grande pubblico.


Davide Barranca | ALCE - Advanced Local Contrast Enhancer for Photoshop

Ferrari F40 and Bburago Die Cast Model An easy-to-use and powerful Photoshop tool to effectively improve and finely tune the local contrast of an image, by means of a smart algorithm which avoids the clipping issues typical of methods like shadows/highlights. The user interface is simple and clean, with just one slider, allowing the user to customize the effect in a straightforward way.
With improved performance with the new Version2.2 - Now Available for CC



Victor by Hasselblad | Roberto Bigano - The Bugatti Portfolio

Bugatti Type 57SC Coupè Atalante Whose heart doesn’t begin to race at the sight of a Bugatti?
Photographer Roberto Bigano seizes a unique opportunity to shoot an entire fleet of these glamorous vintage cars using his Hasselblad H3DII-39MS multi-shot camera in the flowering hills of Tuscany.


The 3F system | The revolutionary professional scanning system by Hasselblad

3F raw Dieser Artikel liegt bisher nur auf Englisch und Italienisch vor

In 2000, Christian Poulsen, Hasseslblad's current CEO, created a new proprietary format for the Imacon scanners, the Flexible File Format or fff. 3F has determined the bigger revolution in the field of original analog scanning since the introduction of the drum scanners.