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I live and work in Verona, Italy.


Mostly I work in Europe, but I accept  assignments in North America, India, Japan and Australia. With a diverse client base that requires wide-ranging commercial art and fine art photography, I have some 35 books to my credit, including the memorable Divina Bugatti for Franco Maria Ricci, a milestone in Classic Car Shooting.

An important part of my work are my personal projects that I call “Slow Shooting”. These are projects developed over long periods of time and are as independent as possible from commitment constrictions; among them “Plastic Girls”, “A Big Country”, “L’Aquila, the Forbidden city”.


In the last ten years I developed special skills on digital and high resolution photography and I teach digital photography at international workshops and conferences, including last two Photokina. In the last three years I created “The Roberto Bigano Group” gathering a team of talented professionals with the aim of developing software, tutorials and support, in the field of Photography and Digital Imaging. I do think that often many products and software are developed too theoretically and that they are very detached from the photographers’ needs.

My last project is “KnowHowTransfer” a site specialized in know-how transfer to photographers.
Kht mission is to offer you the ability to rapidly grow the photographer’s knowledge and technical skills through targeted instruction. After selecting a specific shot, they will learn step-by-step the specific shooting techniques, lighting setups, and post-production workflows needed to reproduce the photo with an experienced hand. 


My small self-publishing company. The catalog is on sale at Amazon and Blurb

1976-1992. A very serious, semi-serious biography

1976-1992. A very serious, semi-serious biography

This is my semi-serious biography, written in 1992 after two long days of interviews. It narrates my beginnings as a photographer, first as an amateur then as professional. It is especially targeted to those young people about to embark in this tough but beautiful profession…
In order to break through, they will have to overcome great obstacles, because of the competitive nature of this field: nobody dreams of becoming a butcher or a pastry chef nowadays, but many want become photographers. Just remember that, before them, we have all had our fair share of experiences, failures, sufferings, and gaffes.

Roberto is a longstanding master of multi-shot technology and is frequently summoned when pinnacle image quality is of the essence.



Roberto is “a unique photographer. First and foremost he seems to escape any attempt to pigeonhole his style or specializations. Then there’s the fact that he doesn’t hesitate to swim against the current of many of his professional colleagues… he takes the type of photo that so many of his contemporaries shy away from, using and pushing the limits of the best technological resources available today.” 



Currently on a five-city tour of India, Bigano is addressing students and photographers on the art of photography. His adroit shooting of assignment related masterpieces in medieval and renaissance churches positioned him as lensman extraordinaire. For path breaking techniques in photography and exceptional volume of work Bigano has been duly recognised in the field.

The Hindu

popular indian newspaper

To shoot a Fresco hidden by a wall? Or Cars on location in a Museum with a mobile set? Or the details of a Mosaic on the top of the Cathedral of Orvieto, 100 feet high? For these and many other challenges Roberto Bigano is able to find the right solutions.

PC Photo

Italian Photo Magazine

Not your standard photographer, but a photographer who sets the standard. Roberto invented this standard when he first started shooting for Manfrotto, back in the days before digital. That way of making our heads, tripods and special products look that little bit more dynamic, more appealing, is all his.



The Hindu | Roberto Bigano. His experiments with photography

Personality: Roberto Bigano, world acclaimed photographer, talks about good photography as Priyadershini Sharma listens. The Hindu is an Indian English-language daily newspaper published since 1878. Based in Chennai, has a circulation of 1.46 million, the third most-widely read English newspaper in India.

Victor by Hasselblad | Roberto Bigano – The Bugatti Portfolio

Whose heart doesn’t begin to race at the sight of a Bugatti?
Photographer Roberto Bigano seizes a unique opportunity to shoot an entire fleet of these glamorous vintage cars using his Hasselblad H3DII-39MS multi-shot camera in the flowering hills of Tuscany.

Manfrotto Website | Bigano’s Corner

Roberto Bigano is a unique photographer. First and foremost he seems to escape any attempt to pigeonhole his style or specialisations, regarding an overly narrow focus as something that stifles creativity. Then there’s the fact that he doesn’t hesitate to swim against the current of many of his professional colleagues.

Hasselblad Website Showcase | Capturing the Classics

My specialty is being able to do what most photographers usually cannot. For instance, the silhouetted Bugatti that opens my website is a good image, but many photographers can make similar shots in their car-specialized studios. Not many are able to capture that image in a museum, however, where reflections and control of light are a big problem.